Compliance Event Logging: A Crucial Step in NERC Compliance

While NERC is responsible for creating the actual Reliability Standards, the burden of enforcement lies on the eight Regional Entities, empowered by NERC to perform audits within their region and to make recommendations on the enforcement, compliance and revision of the Reliability Standards as appropriate. Each Regional Entity works with the NERC members within their geographic area and facilities training, education and stakeholder communication.  


To demonstrate compliance, power providers operating on the North American Bulk Power Grid must deliver the right reports and information, in a timely fashion.  Compliance event logging is a crucial step in your NERC and NERC CIP compliance programs, especially when there are over 90 NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards (and growing!).  Yet today compliance event logging is often very manual, time-intensive, and prone to errors.  Plant staff must record (write down!) each event as it happens, which requires more training, more internal audits and constant reviews to check for inaccuracies.

A better option is to automate compliance event logging.  For example, Versify’s Portal Compliance tool helps generators log and analyze all events to accurately and efficiently show compliance with all NERC Reliability Standards.  Automation should mean that you never miss a compliance related event and that you can analyze, correlate and report on those events as well… all with key strokes and a single user interface.

At Versify, we constantly refresh our database with the most up-to-date version of the NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards to give you a “go-to” tool for compliance!  Done properly, compliance event logging can save you time and dollars through greater automation and standardization.   It can also reduce your risk with regulators in what has become an increasingly dynamic and complex power marketplace.

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