Automated Event Creation For Worry-Free Compliance

Automated event creation is an essential feature in all energy industry software programs and for NERC compliance. By automating your facility’s events that are related to the NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards, you can ensure that you are complaint today and also be prepared for CIP version 5.0.automated_event_creation

NERC-CIP Standards and Automated Event Creation

The NERC-CIP Standards govern cyber security for your entity. To remain compliant with all the standards, your entity must provide detailed event logs and compliance reports to one of the eight regional entities empowered to enforce NERC compliance. There is a critical bulk of data that is required for each of NERC CIP Standards and the most efficient way to capture this data is through automated event creation.  The NERC CIP Standards are:

  • CIP-001 Sabotage Reporting

  • CIP-002 Critical Cyber Asset Identification

  • CIP-003 Security Management Controls

  • CIP-004 Training and Personnel Security

  • CIP-005 Electronic Security Perimeter

  • CIP-006 Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems

  • CIP-007 Systems Security Management

  • CIP-008 Incident Reporting and Response Planning

  • CIP-009 Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems

  • CIP-010 Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments

  • CIP-011 Information Protection

It is important to stay compliant. The Automated event creation in V-Performance 5.0, the generation and NERC compliance software suite from Versify Solutions, ensures that your entity is always up-to-date with compliance issues.

Features of V-Performance 5.0

V-Performance has a few different types of automated event creation to ensure you are compliant. The software is pre-loaded with all NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards, and updated as new standards are implemented. V-Performance automatically scans your network to discover what cyber assets you have and adds them to your inventory. It also continuously monitors your assets around the clock to ensure real-time, all-the-time security. The system also self-audits, reviewing your assets and providing you with alerts on suspicious events or system modifications that could impact your compliance. V-Performance then provides suggested remediation steps so you can take care of potential breaches immediately.

The end result is real-time compliance, all-the-time. V-Performance stores, analyzes and prepares your compliance reports at the touch of a button You are always audit ready, with reports that are customized to the NERC and NERC CIP standards. V-Performance is an integral part of your compliance team.

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