Automated Event Creation For Worry-Free Compliance

Automated event creation is an essential feature in all energy industry software programs and for NERC compliance. By automating your facility’s events that are related to the NERC and NERC CIP Reliability Standards, you can ensure that you are complaint today and also be prepared for CIP version 5.0.automated_event_creation

NERC-CIP Standards and Automated Event Creation

The NERC-CIP Standards govern cyber security for your entity. To remain compliant with all the standards, your entity must provide detailed event logs and compliance reports to one of the eight regional entities empowered to enforce NERC compliance. There is a critical bulk of data that is required for each of NERC CIP Standards and the most efficient way to capture this data is through automated event creation.  The NERC CIP Standards are:

  • CIP-001 Sabotage Reporting

  • CIP-002 Critical Cyber Asset Identification

  • CIP-003 Security Management Controls

  • CIP-004 Training and Personnel Security

  • CIP-005 Electronic Security Perimeter

  • CIP-006 Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems

  • CIP-007 Systems Security Management

  • CIP-008 Incident Reporting and Response Planning

  • CIP-009 Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems

  • CIP-010 Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments

  • CIP-011 Information Protection

It is important to stay compliant. The Automated event creation in V-Performance 5.0, the generation and NERC compliance software suite from Versify Solutions, ensures that your entity is always up-to-date with compliance issues.

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Generation Event Logging and Timestamping

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation requires that power entities operating on North American Bulk Power Grid submit a generation event logging report with accurate timestamping as part of compliance efforts. These compliance efforts ensure the security and reliability of the Bulk Power Grid and further support the security and overall reliability of the power grid.

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NERC Compliance Management Toolkit

NERC compliance management is a necessary and often, tedious, part of your energy business operation.  There are over 90 NERC Reliability Standards, as well as the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. Each of these standards require a multitude of proof, evidence and paperwork.

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Energy Industry Reporting Solutions

The dynamic and highly regulated energy industry has unique reporting needs. Versify Solutions is pleased to offer energy industry reporting solutions, used by some of the biggest names in the power industry.

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The Importance Of Power Industry Reporting Solutions

Facing unique challenges, both driven by the market and regulatory agencies  is the nature of the dynamic power industry.  As the industry grows and changes energy companies need software suited especially for their specific needs. Versify is the leader at creating dynamic and functional power industry reporting solutions. Let’s take a look at the power industry needs and the power industry reporting solutions available to enable your entity to grow.

Compliance Needsshutterstock_169660256

Like every industry, the energy industry is responsible to remain compliant with a plethora of federal, state and local statutes. NERC compliance is top of mind for all entities who have anything to do with the power industry, whether you are a generator, transmission entity or distribution company, NERC governs almost every aspect of your security, cyber asset protection and reliability. To maintain compliance, entities have a massive reporting responsibility. There are over 90 NERC Reliability Standards—and maintaining logs of every piece of data can be a full-time for a staff of 100!

Versify Solutions offers the comprehensive and fully customizable Portal Compliance software, for all energy entities in North America. Portal Compliance is a one-stop, automated solutions that tracks all your compliance related events. It stores, analyzes and prepares data for compliance audits by the NERC-empowered Regional entities.

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Versify Workflow Automation Digital Forms Electronic Forms

Why You Need Event Log Software

Energy companies need to remain compliant with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Reliability Standards and Cyber Infrastructure Protection Standards. The key part of compliance is the ability to produce accurate event logs. In the old days, companies used to utilize pen and paper or a simple Excel spreadsheet. But thanks to Versify Solutions software program Portal Compliance, energy companies now have access to the most comprehensive event log software in the marketplace.

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Learn What Power Generation Software Can Do For Your Energy Company

Power generators have unique technology needs to support generation capacity, distribution, compliance and security. Since assets are large and expensive, monitoring security and operations needs to be automated and secure. Versify Solutions, the leader in technology solutions for the energy industry, offers numerous power generation software products to support everything from capacity management to energy trading to NERC compliance.

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Why You Need A Dedicated Event Log Application

The North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) has over 90 Reliability Standards, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards. Compliance is mandatory. The only way to prove compliance is through comprehensive records that document everything your entity does that is related to the 90-plus Reliability Standards and the CIP standards.

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Common Compliance Issues: What Are the Most Fined NERC Requirements?

Compliance with the Security and Reliability Standards created by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for all responsible entities within the power utility industry. By failing to maintain compliance with these requirements, a company can be cited for multiple violations and face penalties upwards of one million dollars per day, per violation.

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How Do I Define a Cyber Security Asset?

If your electric utility company is preparing for an audit, or if you are otherwise seeking to take steps toward compliance with NERC’s Security and Reliability Standards, you are most likely wondering, “How do I define a cyber security asset?” This can be a tricky question to answer as you navigate the many regulations of the industry, which are regularly updated to adjust to the changing needs of bulk power systems in North America. There are a few things to consider as you figure out how to define cyber security assets.

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Versify Workforce Safety Management Software

Planning and Implementing Energy Schedules

If you work in the electric utility industry, you know how important it is for system operators to have access to as much of the relevant, real-time data as possible in order to ensure the reliable scheduling of energy transmission between and within control areas. Additionally, the data useful for forecasting and tracking demand and capacity can be extremely helpful in maintaining compliance with the Security and Reliability Standards. Which are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), according to recommendations by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

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Compliant and Confident: Understanding NERC Regulation Standards

In the electric utility industry, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain a high level of vigilance over the secure operations of entities responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power. Due to both internal and external hazards and threats to the bulk power system (BPS), ensuring the security and reliability of energy for businesses and household consumers is a serious challenge. If you are professionally involved in any facet of the power utility industry, you already understand that this is not just a matter of safe and stable operations; it is also an issue of efficiency, compliance, and your company’s bottom line.

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Common Questions about NERC Registration Criteria

If you are an owner or operator of a responsible entity within the Bulk Power System (BPS), it is mandatory for you to register with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The purpose of NERC is to ensure and facilitate the secure and reliable operations of power utility companies across the United States, parts of Canada, and a portion of Baja California Norte, Mexico. Failure to comply with NERC’s Security and Reliability Standards can result in severe penalties, costing your company millions of dollars.

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The Versify Platform: COTS Solution for Outage Management

What You Need to Know About Understanding NERC Cyber Security Standards

NERC Cyber Security Standards are constantly changing. Numerous government and non-government entities are stakeholders in the approval, implementation and enforcement process. The NERC Cyber Security Standards refer specifically to a suite of NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards (CIP) which include:

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NERC Compliance Training Checklist

A major part of remaining compliant with the North American Energy Reliability Corporation is implementing and enforcing a formal NERC Compliance Training program. However, as with all things related to NERC compliance, figuring out what training is required and what training is recommended can make your head spin. Versify Solutions, the leader in knowledge-based software solutions for NERC compliance, has assembled the NERC Compliance Training Checklist, to help demystify the training process for all major energy stakeholders.

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The NERC Reliability Regions

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation divided its territory into eight NERC reliability regions. Each of these regions are overseen by one of eight regional entities who are responsible for improving the reliability of the bulk power system and enforcing compliance as governed by NERC reliability standards. The members of the entities include someone from all segments of the power industry and also includes:

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Doing NERC Research Can Help You Maintain Compliance

Information is power. In the electric utility industry, you can never have too much information, whether you are dealing with the unpredictability of your diverse asset portfolio, a complex transmission schedule, or security related issues with your critical cyber assets. At Versify, we believe in empowering our clients with the intelligence they need to gather information that can help them maximize efficiency, optimize their assets, and contribute to the security and reliability of the grid across North America. One major part of this mission consists of helping power utility companies achieve compliance with the standards enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

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FERC Market Oversight and Energy Trader Software

While all energy generation and transmission entities must remain NERC compliant, energy traders must remain compliant with the other acronym in the power world: FERC.

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Automated Event Logging

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation requires automated event logging as part of Critical Asset Protection Standard 007 (CIP-007). All responsible entities which include generators, owners, operators, Regional Entities and NERC, itself, must automatically logs events that impact the security of their critical cyber assets with a pre-defined electronic security perimeter.

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