Asking Yourself, “How Do I Demonstrate Internal Controls?” We Have The Solution

With over 90 NERC standards set in place for the energy industry, many companies are wondering, “How do I demonstrate internal controls?” NERC compliance requirements have been set in order to increase reliability for energy consumers, monitor and enforce safety measures, and tighten security. Since NERC and their regional entities regularly monitor compliance through audits and checks, your company needs to be able to demonstrate internal controls.

How Do I Demonstrate Internal Controls?

There are many steps that businesses can take internally with their own procedures and workflows to help in the process of maintaining compliance. Compliance with NERC standards is not an easy task to accomplish in house, but with the right energy industry specific software, it is possible to demonstrate internal controls. We recommend our Versify’s Portal Enterprise as your solution to creating a culture of compliance at your company. Versify’s Portal Enterprise offers you the ability to automate the process of managing compliance related standards and solutions. With the option to customize workflows, this comprehensive software can easily be incorporated into your normal mode of operation and can help your company:

·         Be aware of current compliance standards and potential threats

·         Receive prompts for required actions or responses

·         Better handle events

·         Retain compliance related data

Our Solution to Internal Controls

We offer real-time compliance control that can save your company time and money. Our software can:

·         Provide a comprehensive database of NERC standards

·         Automate event capture

·         Pre-load requirements connected to system events

·         Offer on-the-spot compliance

·         Show dashboards and schedules for summary reporting

·         Log events in real-time


Versify’s Portal Enterprise gives you all the tools you need to demonstrate internal controls, understand NERC requirements, and stay up to date with standards for the energy industry.


Still looking for a comprehensive answer to the question, “How do I demonstrate internal controls?”  Versify’s Portal Enterprise is the answer.


Your ROI for Portal Compliance

Staying NERC compliance is a necessity, not an option. Because there is so much involved in keeping up with changes to the regulations and properly maintaining the necessary data for audits, experts recommend using a tool to aid in the process. Versify can provide the solutions you need. In return, you will save money, be prepared for audits, and avoid hefty fines. There truly is a great return on investment with the use of this software! You won’t have to wonder if your company is NERC compliant or if you’re going to be facing fines in the future. Once Versify’s Portal Enterprise is installed and customized for your location, you can get back to running the company and trust the software to provide you with what you need to keep up to date with NERC standards.