Answering the Question, “How Do I Prepare for a NERC Audit?”

When you get the call that a North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) audit is scheduled for your company, that news can seem daunting. As you ask yourself, “How do I prepare for a NERC audit, turn to Versify Solutions for all the answers you need.

Versify’s Portal Compliance from Versify Solutions, is the industry’s most comprehensive compliance software solution. It keeps your energy company up to date the over 90 NERC standards–which means you are always prepared for an audit.


Understanding the NERC Audit Process

When asking “How do I prepare for a NERC audit?”  it is critical to understand the audit process. Like the energy industry, the NERC auditing is dynamic and changing. Regional entities now do more work in advance of an audit and less work on site. Your company will be asked to submit a Reliability Standard Audit Worksheet (RSAW) with supporting documentation of your compliance. If that worksheet contains clear, evidence-based and complete information, the NERC auditor will have less work to do on-site. This means less interruption in your operations schedule, which is better for your bottom-line.

Understanding the worksheet and NERC requirements can be confusing, which is why Versify has worked to make the Versify’s Portal Compliance software comprehensive and easy to use. Versify’s Portal Compliance contains the most up to date library of NERC standards and allows you to create workflows around those standards in a customized fashion. The software integrates regulatory standards and operations data pertaining to your facility in real-time. Reports can be generated with a touch of a button–meaning you can successfully complete all pre-audit paperwork without missing a beat.


Return on Investment with Versify’s Portal Compliance

Knowledge is power–and Versify’s Portal Compliance gives your energy company all the knowledge it needs to work through the often confusing NERC standards and regulations. Ensuring daily compliance not only saves you anxiety during an audit, it also saves you money by ensuring you avoid costly NERC audit violations and other sanctions.


How do I prepare for a NERC Audit?

Versify’s Portal Compliance offers all the features you need to be prepared for an audit. The software logs everything in real-time; which means you can institute and maintain a culture of compliance by implementing on-the-spot adherence measures. Versify can work with you to implement the software and train your team so you are always prepared for a NERC audit

Instead of asking “how do I prepare for a NERC audit?” you can be assured with Versify’s Portal Compliance software that you are always prepared. Contact Versify to arrange a software demo today.