All About Power Industry Reporting CAISO

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The California ISO is responsible for keeping the lights on 24-7 in the most of California and a portion of Nevada. As part of their responsibility both to power entities and to customers using the grid, the organization provides regular power industry reporting CAISO to its member affiliates and stakeholders.

These reports details the energy market’s current, real-time status as well as provide future predictions on demands and market-driven pricing. The goal of CAISO is to ensure reliability and balance pricing for customers, while also working towards California’s clean energy goals.power_industry_reporting_CAISO

CAISO provides the power industry with many resources and reports that are invaluable resources for sustained business growth and long-term success in the CAISO marketplace.

Reports and Publications

The ISO believes that a competitive energy market place leads to better reliability and better pricing. As part of their comprehensive power industry reporting, CAISOissues the following reports and publications to its membership and the public:

  • Strategic Plan (issued as updated, typically annually)

  • California ISO: Your Power is Our Priority (a brochure)

  • Company Information and Facts

  • Powering the New Grid: Advancing Smart Technology

  • Powering the New Grid: Integrating Renewables Reliability

  • 2013 State of the Grid (Annual Report)

  • Financial reports—Quarterly financials, FERC data, Five-Year Financial Summary, Audited Financial Statements

  • Debt Financing reporting, including bond reports and disclosures

  • Final Budget and GMC Rates Book (annual)

  • Energy Matters Newsletters, a monthly newsletter

In addition, CAISO also issues industry insights and reports including technical reports on the state of the grid, wholesale demand response comparisons, generation interconnection and deliverability allocation procedures, reports on geomagnetic disturbances and many more technical reports.

Grid Reporting

A key piece of power industry reporting CAISO is the constant monitoring of the power grid. Every 33 milliseconds CAISO checks the power grid, enabling fast corrections to situations that could cause unplanned outages and affect reliability. CAISO has two control centers located in Folsom and Alhambra, which both can assume full grid of the grid within minutes if required.

Members of the CAISO benefit from this monitoring and reporting. Using this data your entity can compete, grow and thrive in one of the largest marketplaces in the world.

Powering Industry Reporting CAISO

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