A Software for NERC CIP Compliance

The Importance of NERC CIP Compliance

Many companies associated with the power industry in the U.S. understand how critical it is to ensure NERC CIP compliance within their daily processes. NERC is serious about their standards being met, and runs audits on an average three year cycle to ensure companies are adhering to all associated rules and regulations. This is for the overall smooth function of the Bulk Electric System. Companies that do not take the responsibilities of compliance seriously are subject to fines, some of which can reach up to a million dollars a day.

NERC CIP Compliance Made Easy

NERC CIP compliance is simplified when companies utilize aVersify’s Versify’s Portal Compliance Software. With Versify’s Portal Compliance, comprehensive information on CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards and all other NERC regulations is kept in one database and is immediately available for operators.

This data is incorporated with data concerning daily operations of the company, which allows managers to clearly identify areas of concern and find solutions to potential risks before they become a problem. Many companies are only able to foresee future problems once they have dealt with a  similar issue in the past. This reactive approach ends up costing companies both time and money. Versify’s Portal Compliance software allows a move from a reactive method of dealing with NERC CIP compliance to a proactive method; identifying potential problems in advance and providing solutions.

The software works by providing a variety of benefits to each user. Some of these features include:

  • Companies can choose to host the software locally or in a cloud based format

  • Provides seamless integration of operations across multiple entities and locations

  • Allows operators to input data using pre-established logging templates, saving time and confusion

  • Creates and managers simple question surveys and their answers for operating staffs

  • Provides outstanding consistency in data collection methods

  • Helps operators and managers respond appropriately in real time to avoid farther reaching NERC CIP compliance implications

  • Places small companies on equal footing with larger companies that have more resources for better compliance measures. Shows that no matter the size of the company, its owners take NERC compliance seriously


To learn more about what this product can do for your company, or to speak with an expert about purchasing it, contact Versify today!